The Night

"All of night is within us."

The Network
21 December
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Linearity and sequentiality are vastly overvalued concepts except for use in filing.

Boredom is a judgment call on the nature of the beholder.

Anything is possible.

Life is an irreproducible result.

Some people warp probability. Where they are, events do not restrict themselves to following the laws of probability.

Some people are just warped.

Time appears to be linear only because we think we experience it that way. Many possibilities exist. Not all can be explained, or even comprehended, without the ability to consider non-dualistic alternatives.

Dichotomies aren't; beyond the either/or lie the maybe, the if, and the other hand.

The quotes are from Kit Mason's "As If."

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Experience as Visitation

That which comes unwilled comes shining —
Pulls up the sun from out dark waters —
Moves through mist, a mind in motion —
(There is a harbor there, within you).

(Comes unwilled, comes shining) —
Wolves lift their heads to ghost-sound —
The bird inside the box, calling —
(Rose, birdcall, wind — come shining).

Comes of nothing, comes unbidden —
The lunar and the mutual mission —
The mutual order and the lack —
(Every ruptured and unclaimed fact).

That which comes unbidden comes directly —
(Comes unleashed, uncharted and — comes shining).

-- Jane Mead

The WeatherPixie

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Ni men ba zhe zhi cao ma de she cong xing chuan na diao le!

(Ni men: you-all
ba: indicates that the following noun phrase is an object
zhe zhi cao ma de she: these motherfucking snakes
cong xing chuan: from (this) star boat
na diao le: take and make disappear)

I'm colorblind, you insensitive clod.

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Love is Irrational